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About PawPeds

The domain name pawpeds.com was registered by Ulrika Olsson in 2000, for future use as a site for information about the history of the pedigree cats, and to educate cat breeders about the need for genetic variation and what the situation is in their breed. In order to do this, we are publishing databases with pedigree information for different breeds, with functions for calculations of the inbreeding coefficient and pedigree analyses. We also publish articles related to these topics. Along the way, we will probably add articles about other health issues and breeding issues as well, for the education of breeders.


Although the databases are published by us, they are maintained by different people who are specialising in a particular breed (or breeds). Initially it worked so that the database maintainer had his/her own database locally, in which information were entered. Every now and then a textfile was generated from this database, and this was then sent to us. We entered the new, updated file into the database that was shown online, and then you all could see it. Some database maintainers still work according to this system, while others are working in our new system: They have an account on our server, where they enter info in a database that is kept there. This allows for more than one person to enter data at the same time.

About the program

For the online databases we use a program which generates html directly from a simple database. The program was first written by Kjell Högström, and it is now mainly maintained by Peter Olsson. This program is still under development and it might be changed frequently to test new ideas and correct problems (and sometimes end up introducing new problems :-)). Please send comments and bug reports to Peter.