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Maine Coons die 15 Jahre alt wurden oder älter.

Detailierte Anmerkungen zu vorgeschlagenen Methuselems (Vater, Mutter, nette Geschichten, usw. - Interessant zu lesen!)

Und wenn Sie gerne Bilder von Maine Coons sehen wollen, die 15 Jahre und šlter geworden sind, besuchen Sie die Vorfahren Galerie!

  • Ailurophile Capt. Willie's Whizbang, RW GC GP
  • Amkat Darryl Strawberry, QGC
  • Amkat Juliette
  • Amkat Remington Steele, TICA SGC, CFA GRC
  • Arlene v. Cessely
  • Athabaske Blue Beaver
  • Athabaske Fabyenne
  • Athabaske Oconee of Schindetal
  • Avicats Nuvoletta of Stormwatch, GC
  • Baslatan Wish Upon A Star, IC
  • Beau Dixie Jazz of Justajoy, CH
  • Belujondra Drusilla
  • Buctales First Edition, GC, GP
  • Buctales Paw Prints of Unicoon, GC
  • Burmaines Selket of Coonsworth, CH
  • Calabash Mini, CH
  • Calabash Red Wing of Skimble, CH
  • Calabash Sundance Kid of Skimble, CH GP
  • Calicoon Chris's Rachel
  • Calicoon Joe Joe
  • Calicoon Hooligan
  • Call Me Boris of Danwill Blue
  • Canalettos RoanokeBlueBelle
  • Capecoon Chumani
  • Capecoon Glenlivet of SaraJen
  • Caprix Bashfull Bill
  • Caprix Blue Bogart, EC
  • Caprix Bramble
  • Caprix Creme Caramel, GIC
  • Caprix Roxanne
  • Captain Coon Crackerjack of Justajoy, CH PR
  • Cari-Celcats Pete Pawsgoodknee, CFA GP, TICA GC
  • Charmalot Andrea of Coontique, CH
  • Charmalot Gideon
  • Charmalot King Arthur Pendragon, SGC OS
  • Charmalot Lady Melissandra
  • Charmalot Lady Rebecca, CH, (Coontessa in CFA)
  • Charmalot Lady Wendala of Justajoy
  • Charmalot Misha Alexandra II
  • Charmalot My Miss Ginny, CH
  • Charmalot Moonlight Sonata, CH
  • Charmalot Morgaine
  • Charmalot Tabitha of Walmet, DGC, PR
  • Cheeptrills Beau Jangles, GP
  • Cheeptrills Dusty (Gus)
  • Cinnamaine Tennessee of Cooncreole, SGC/CH
  • Coonchai J.P. Sousa of Justajoy
  • Condopurrs Blue Suede Shoes, SGC
  • Coonoquan My Summer Surprise
  • Coonoquan Mike Nelson
  • Coonsboro Calvin Coonidge, NW-GC
  • Coonsboro Mario Indy Coondretti, GPRW
  • Coonsboro Typhoon of Stormwatch, GC GP
  • Coonsworth Aja
  • Coonsworth Baketaten, CH
  • Coonsworth Charlemagne
  • Coonsworth Cleopatra, CH, DM
  • Coonsworth Maxx Lui Kang, PR
  • Coonsworth Nigel of Hissinghurst, GC
  • Coonsworth Tabasco Cat, GP
  • Coonsworth Sefari
  • Coonwyck Savannah
  • Cowtown Marigold of Walmet, SGC OD
  • Cremocrop Emmylou Harris, GP
  • Crossed Arrows Sarsi
  • Davie Boy vom Schindetal
  • Dirigo John Hancock, CH
  • Forest Manor Mocha of Ambler Farm
  • Forestsprite Abby II of Little Forest Lion, GEC
  • Forestsprite Icy
  • Fullmoon's Light My Fire
  • Gemutlichkatze's Maxim
  • Gemutlichkatze's Phineas Taylor
  • Gemutlichkatze's Sophronia
  • Gingercats Tobi Tyler, CH
  • Hairbearei Beary Best of Cremocrop, CH
  • Hatheg-Kla Isabella Catalina
  • Heidi Ho Aurora
  • Heidi Ho Canth of Tanstaafl
  • Honeycoon Frisque Tiger
  • Indro Don de Alazan
  • Kanab Luannes Acoma, GC, DM
  • Kayenta Sedona of Kanab, DM
  • Kiskata Angeline of Solkatz
  • Kitti-Kat Halfpenny-Twopenny, Int. Ch.
  • Kitty-Up Hopi of Mannahatta, CH
  • Kitty-Up Starbuck-of-Paumanok, RW-SGCA
  • Kitwilo G. Louise
  • Klipperkats Hidee O'Silver
  • Kokomo Bristol Cream
  • Krutherskats KKR Jr.
  • Lagunacoon Dos Equis, GC/GP
  • Lee v. Opel-Dienst
  • Lovabacon KKR of Krutherscats
  • Lovabacon Miguel of Kreidcats, GP/RW
  • Lovehulen Kiss
  • Lucky Buzz av Åsly
  • Luvpaws Maverick of Wyndabbey, QGC
  • Magicoons Dream Chaser of Idlemaine, CH
  • Magicoons Shadow Dancer, CH
  • Magicoons Susie O'Coon, GP
  • Maine Cooncern's Thor
  • Mainstays Americana of Solkatz
  • Maralas Sampson
  • Maynetree Knight in Shining Amor, PR
  • Maximus Saturn of Coonsworth, CH
  • M'Coon's Sebastian Augustus, TICA SGC RW, CFA GC, CFF Ch
  • Mooncoon Alabama
  • Mooncoon Alaska, IC
  • MtKittery Carbonaro of Emlu
  • MtKittery Mercedes-Benz of Nascat
  • Mymains Constance
  • Napa Valley Moonshine of St. Clouds
  • Nascat Waving the Checkers, GC, GP, RW, DM
  • Neami Luanne Gilbert
  • Neami Luanne Sullivan
  • Olde Chelsea Murphy Brown of Rumford, CH
  • Oro Ojos Calpurnia of Coonstone
  • Patchwork Disney, GIC
  • Patchwork Silver Barbarella, EC
  • Patchwork Trapper, EC EP
  • Pawtalk Pretty Wo'maine' of Acadiacoons, CH
  • Primeacat Honey B. of Coon-Fetti, CH
  • Primeacat Lucky Star, GC GP
  • Primeacat Mocha Yogurt of Valdalyn, CH
  • Purrmayne Vista of Hissinghurst
  • Purrtigers Johhny Walker Red
  • Purrocious Lady Lucinda
  • Pyramaine Doverfoxcroft of Lagunacoon
  • Rio v.d. Punda
  • Roselu Hi Ho
  • Roselu Passport
  • Roselu Pharoah of Pussyfoot
  • Roselu Rendez-vouz of Pusiluv
  • Ruathahold Brekke of Primeacat, CH
  • Rumford Rocky, RW-GP
  • Ryanplace Shacado of Wyndhaven, SGC
  • Schick's Gunny Sarge of Gingercats
  • Seelieshires Hada Reina of Oro Ojos, CH
  • Shaggytown Matinicus
  • Skimble Miramichi Aurora, CH DM
  • Snobbrännans Zussi Lou, IC
  • Solkatz Chief Tyee
  • Solkatz Luciano P of Pusiluv
  • Spavinaw Blu-Macks of Calicoon, SGC
  • St. Clouds Diamond Lil
  • St.John Miami, CH
  • Staroyale Arthur Pendragon
  • Stonedance Hannah
  • Stormaine Tennessee Tonya
  • Sundar Tabigail of The Maine Place, QGC
  • Tabbytufts Baxter
  • Talshipp's Sara Devine of Tanasi
  • Tanasi Tombigbee
  • Tanstaafl Isaiah of The Maine Place, QGC
  • Tanstaafl Dora Jill
  • Tanstaafl Druid Of Seelieshire
  • Tanstaafl Polly Adeline
  • Tanstaafl Ramoth of Calicoon
  • Taelcat Humphrey Bogart, GRC
  • Tennessee of Cooncreole
  • Terrificats Apatchy Princess
  • Terrificats Bit 'O Honey
  • Terrificats Black Magic of Magicoons
  • Terrificats Joint Venture, GC/RW
  • Terrificats Silver Cloud, GC/GP
  • The Bentley Pride Penny Lane
  • The Dorsai Grey Captain
  • The Dorsai Tanista
  • The Maine Place Bastet of Charmalot, CH
  • The Maine Place Wellington of Charmalot, SGC, (Winston in CFA)
  • Topa Aesop, GP
  • Tolkat Elanor Fairbairn
  • Tufpaws Rosieola of Buctales, GC/GP/RW DM
  • Tycoon's KC Wingwalker
  • Unicoon's Creamsicle McPunkin, GP
  • Walmet Caleb of Caralee, TGC
  • Walmet Medievil Madam of Chaudvent, SGC, GC
  • Walmet Rebecca of Coonsworth, CH/PR/OD, DM
  • Wild Fellow Kojak, GEC
  • Wrevenik Maralas Sampson, SGC, DM
  • Wynhaven Carolina Dreams of Rumford, GC, DM
  • Ylletrollets Bonanzi, CH
  • Ylletrollets Carananza, CH
  • Ylletrollets Dexas Kid, GIC
  • Ylletrollets Flora
  • Ylletrollets Jumbolina, CH
  • Ylletrollets McBrutuss, CH
  • Ylletrollets Lakris

Longevity is an important factor in determining if your cat comes from a line of healthy cats. One part of a campaign for a healthy gene pool is identifying those cats which have lived to a ripe old age. Determining just what certain cats have died of can be impossible, identifying long lived cats should be much easier. On this page we'd like to compile a list of "Methuselahs", cats that have lived to the age of 15 years and beyond. 

If you have a Methuselah to nominate...

If you have a Methuselah to nominate, please fill out this questionnaire.

More information about the pedigree and offspring of these cats can be found in the Maine Coon Database.

Conversion Chart - Cat Years to Human Years

Cat's Years

Corresponding Human Years